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Introducing the first product in our Flameless Collection... Reed Diffusers


Courage is a unique blend of fragrances with notes of bergamot, sandalwood, musk, pine, and citrus. It is infused with natural essential oils, including wild lavendar and subtle florals.



Our reed diffusers are great option if you’d like a flameless and safer way to disburse lots of fragrance in your space without having to remember to blow out a flame. Unlike candles, reed diffusers do not require a flame, making it a much safer way to scent any room - reed diffusers last all day & night. 


Makes a unique and elegant gift for any occasion. Whether it is time for the winter holidays, a friend or family member’s birthday, a wedding, or any other gift-giving occasion, this makes the perfect gift! 


Bonus tip: they last up to 3 - 4 months as long as you keep flipping (and replacing) the reed sticks! 



  • 100% perfume grade phthalate-free fragrance oil
  • Each bottle comes with 7 bamboo reed sticks 
  • Each bottle lasts for 3 - 4 months
  • Vegan, phthalate free and non-toxic


Tips & Tricks:

  •  Add 4 - 5 reeds to the bottle.
  •  Flip reeds once a week to diffuse the scent throughout your home. 
  •  Be attentive - make sure your diffuser is in a safe area where it won't spill or leak. 
  • Keep your diffuser away from direct sunlight. 

Extra Info: 

  • Our diffusers are handmade and poured. Variations in color and fill height are completely normal and to be expected. 


Note - due to the handcrafted nature of our products, please allow 5-7 business days for production. Please keep this in mind when ordering for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. All items will be shipped 5-7 days AFTER production via USPS Priority Mail.

Courage - Reed Diffuser (4oz)

SKU: LC-0038
    • Height - 4.5 inches
    • Width - 1.9
    • 4 oz
    • Usage - 3-4 Months 
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