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1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


Our Purpose candle is a unique blend of fragrances with notes of saffron, apple black currant, blackberry, vanilla, anise, patchouli

Purpose - Travel Candle (7.5oz)

SKU: LC-0153
Color: gold
  • We’ve poured our signature soy candle into a chic travel tin so you can take a little bit of home with you wherever you go. Each tin holds 7.5 oz. and the cotton flat braid wick provides a consistent burning flame for up to 40 hours. Each one of our soy travel candles burn cleanly and safely and when you’re done pop on the lid and your candle will be ready for your next escape.

    • Hand poured with love in Atlanta, GA
    • 100% soy wax that is grown in the USA
    • Burn time: 40 hours
    • Coreless, non-directional, cotton flat braid wick
    • 100% phthalate free fragrance oil
    • Lower melting point, will not burn or stain if spilled
    • Poured into a new 8 oz. tin
    • 3 1/8" wide and 2" tall
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