"Let these candles be a blessing in every home that they enter, so that they know you are the true light." - Unknown  


Lula's Candle Company, LLC.

Lula's Candle Company, LLC. (Lula's Candle Co.) is a beacon of light in each life that it touches. Whether you have lost a loved one, are battling a disease or personal struggle, or simply need relaxation, our mission is to bring light to those in need of love, self-care, peace, and healing. Our hand-crafted soy candles and hand-poured room mists are sure to provide the ultimate therapeutic session for you to unwind.​

 Lula's Candle Co. offers handcrafted luxury soy candles in glass jars, travel tins, room mists, individual tealights, and candle accessories. In addition, a portion of our proceeds directly support individuals and their families battling cancer and cancer non-profits/brands that specifically focus on cancer research, education and support.


Our Candles

All of our beautiful candles are 100% natural soy-based. We only use soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils in our candles because they burn longer, slower and cleaner than other wax-based candles. Soy wax is natural, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradeable - this means, they are eco-friendly and perfect for both you and your home. Free of all of the bad stuff we find in stores like paraffin wax (petroleum by-products), palm wax, additives, and dyes.


Not to mention, we hand-pour our candles with love in small batches to assure quality and consistency.

Our Room Mists

 Our luxury room mists are the perfect compliment to our hand-poured soy candles! They are sooo easy to use and a great way to freshen any room, office, car, etc. As with our candles, we only use phthalate-free fragrance oils and pour in small batches for quality control.


Our room mists are available in as individual bottles or as a gift set, so you don't have to make the tough decision and decide which fragrance you want! 

Introducing the first product in our Flameless Collection... We thought it would only be fitting to introduce these reed diffusers in our signature fragrances:

▪️ JOY

Our reed diffusers are great option if you’d like a flameless and safer way to disburse lots of fragrance in your space (bathroom, office, bedroom, etc.) without having to remember to blow out a flame.

Our Reed Diffusers